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By BIRC Balkan , 10 , Mar 2017

| CorruptionGovernmentMacedoniaSubrata Roy

By Xhelal NEZIRI     Subrata Roy, a 66-year-old controversial businessman from India, came to Macedonia in June 2012 with a wide smile and full of optimism, as a Bollywood .. Read More →

Bosnia: Last train for Brussels

By Dražen Simić , 15 , Feb 2015

| Bosnia and HercegovinaEUIntegration

Political “horse trading” in Bosnia is in full swing after general elections held on October 12 last year, while EU is desperately trying to drag Bosnia closer to Brussels . After .. Read More →

Macedonia: Betting on Gambling

By Xhelal Neziri , 20 , Aug 2014

Newly independent and strapped for cash, Macedonia sought help from a Swedish man with deep pockets and an urge to gamble. Lars Kling plunked down $7 million in 1991 to .. Read More →